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Resist - 1st AC & Still photographer

To prevent another great war the Red Party has taken away people's right to feel. But when a secret film threatens to start a revolution, Jett is sent to prevent a catastrophe.

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SIR - Still Photographer

Ty has begun his journey to becoming his authentic self, but his journey is a difficult and dangerous one. 

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Burt Derner - 1st AC

Burt Derner is a loose cannon, with questionable methods, and less than stellar detective skills. It’s up to him to save the town of story, and it’s townspeople from disappearing.

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The Forest of Light - BTS

The Forest of light is about a boy who is trying to understand why his heart hurts. The Forest of Light premiered at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and has gone on to win awards from the Gig Harbor Film Festival and George Mason University's Film and Video Studies at Mason programs.

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